Landscape Systems

Non-pressurized Systems

Non-pressurized Systems simply have a hose spigot attachment for watering plants, gardens, etc. These systems use gravity to move the water and have no pumps or other equipment that require electricity. They are the most economical option.

Pressurized Systems

Pressurized systems use a small pump and will require an electrical source near the tank. These are used when the water is needed at a far distance from the tank, or when connecting to a lawn sprinkler system in which high pressure is required.

  • Supplies your grass, plants, gardens and trees with untreated, chlorine-free, low mineral content water
  • Not subject to water restrictions during drought periods
  • Reduces consumption of treated water from home’s supply and thus reduces wastewater charges on bill over time
  • Directs water away from your home’s foundation and allows you to control where it goes
  • Also great for washing cars, filling pools and garden ponds

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