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Founded in 2018, RainKeepers has installed nearly 100 rainwater collection systems throughout the Texas Hill Country and beyond.

Recently Completed Projects

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Residential Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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Our goal is to make rainwater harvesting easy and accessible.

We provide complete turn-key installation services:

Site work

Tank installation

Pump and filter/UV installation

Electrical, and plumbing connections

We install both standalone rainwater collection systems, or hybrid systems that are inter-connected with a well or other water supply.

Tanks we install:

Pioneer Master Dealer since 2020

You and your family deserve the absolute best quality water, so let RainKeepers help you!

There are two primary types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems:

Potable Systems

Potable = Safe to Drink

Non-potable Systems

Pure water for landscaping, pools, or other outdoor use

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Just need gutters?

We can help with that too!

We offer seamless gutters in 5″ & 6″ K-style, 6″ half-round, and 6″ seamless box gutters.

Contact RainKeepers today to get more information about Potable or Non-potable Rain Harvesting Systems.

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