What size system do I need?

First, you need to look at your collection area (roof size).  How much rain can you collect off your roof?  Are all the appropriate eaves guttered?  Are you maximizing the potential rain collection?

The first component in this formula is dependent on properly sized gutters.

For potable systems, you will need a metal, tile, or TPO roof.  Rain runs quickly off a metal roof, so having 6″ gutters with screens will ensure you capture the most water and least debris during a rain event.

Next is the collection surface.

Each square foot of collection surface (your roof) will capture .65 gallons per 1” of rain that falls. So, for example, a 3,000 square foot roof will capture 1,950 gallons of water with 1” of rain.

1″ rainfall event:

3000 Roof area (sf) x .65 = 1950 gallons

Here in the eastern hill country we average about 35 inches of rain per year, so in an average year you would collect 68,250 gallons of water that year.

Finally, it’s about storage.

If you have a large rainfall event, you want to have the extra capacity to store that extra water for use when the rain isn’t falling, which will happen. We always optimize storage to fit with your collection area.

So, what size system do I need?

Our most popular size systems are 30,000 gallons.  However, what works for one family might not work for the next.

The above factors will determine how much water you can collect.  The next thing to look at is your usage.  We will need to know the number of people in your household as well as your typical usage habits.

We at RainKeepers are committed to make sure you have access to the best quality water possible.  Contact us today for a consultation so we can design the perfect system for you and your family.

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