How Much Does a Rainwater Harvesting System Cost?

A Rainwater Harvesting System’s cost varies depending on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Topography of land where tank will sit
  • Soil/rock type for trenching
  • Size and type of pad for tank (concrete vs gravel)
  • Length of runs for pipe between tank and house

A small system with a polyethylene tank (up to 5000 gallons) may cost between $1.50-$2.25 per gallon, and a large system with a 30,000 gallon galvanized steel tank can cost between $32,000 – $38,000.

If you are interested in a potable (safe to drink) system that will supply your entire home, you will likely need a minimum of 20,000 gallons, but the most common size is 30,000 gallons.  These systems will require a pump and a filtration system as well as underground trunk lines and pressurized lines feeding back into the home.

If you are only interested in collecting rainwater for irrigation purposes, you can use a much smaller system.  These systems do no require a pump or filtration, and can be situated directly underneath the gutter downspouts.  This will eliminate potentially costly trenching.

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