What is a first flush system and do you need one?

A first flush system can be as simple as a PVC pipe that branches off of your main collecting downspout (from the gutter), or it can be an entire tank. Check out this page for a detailed explanation of the “diverter” version of this system which is more commonly found on smaller systems.

A second option is a small tank (approx 275 gallons) that collects the initial runoff during a rain event and allows debris and sediment to settle at the bottom while the remainder of the water can enter the main collection tank.  This first flush tank should be emptied periodically, and this makes a great source of water for landscape irrigation purposes.

The images below show a first flush tank installed with a 16,000 gallon potable system.



Do you need a first flush system?

With all of our potable (safe to drink) systems, we require fine mesh leaf guards on top of the gutters.  We also offer leaf eaters for the downspouts to add a second layer of filtration of debris.  Next, there is a mesh basket that adds a third layer of protection.  Then, once the water leaves the tank, it goes thru a 3 stage sediment and charcoal filter system followed by  a UV light before entering the home.

The installation of a first flush system is strictly up to you.  It can add to the expense of a system, but if you like having the added benefit of a separate 275 gallon tank for landscape irrigation, it may be right for you.

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